Enhance your customer experience, retention, loyalty, sales and/or dwell times across your touch points.

On the phone, in person or in store, via social media, mobile or web,
we make sure you look and sound as great as you are.

We design user journeys, enhance customer interactions and engagement, and give you access to platforms for content generation, content management and managing the backend.

If “Money, Minutes and Manpower” are today’s challenges, you just landed in the right place. Read More

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Social Media Management
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Web Development

Welcome to TalkAbout Group

We’re proud to have a great bunch of dedicated, innovative, technical and creative individuals in our fold, who make all your brand communication dreams come true.

You benefit from our in–house skills, drive and determination to build anything from a simple idea to a full working and scalable solution for our clients. We take the everyday challenges faced by most marketers and leverage the latest emerging technologies to simplify and amplify your work.

Our work ranges from designing, sourcing & installing AV solutions, proprietary hardware and market leading digital media players, to brand profiling your music channels, scripting & producing of messaging content (in over 30 different languages) for in-store, radio and telephone communications. We develop web, mobile & content management platforms, whilst integrating social media management to communicate and engage your brand with its audience.

We love the work we do for you. Please call us, we’d like to share the love!

Let’s Talk about you

Tel: 020 8931 9300
Email: sayhello@talkaboutgroup.co.uk

4th Floor, Middlesex House
29-45 High Street
Edgware, Middlesex HA8 7UU